CRAZIEST 900IQ Minecraft Plays That Will BLOW Your Mind #7

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  1. “Leave a like and subscribe in the next five seconds or you’ll never find true love”

    Me who doesn’t like anyone except my friends and family and only has crushes on the dragons from wings of fire: ok

  2. Okay yeah my favorite was the dream clip just because I'm not sure if it's an actual world record 😂

  3. Big brain
    And what
    DiD They do
    And how did They do that and Today is a Good day
    And that is vary Cool

  4. Did you know the guy who did the mlg boat was all luck no skill because he spammed click the timing is important. Edit: Same goes to the water bucket clutch

  5. 7:24 lmao that isn't even 900IQ plays. i don't know what type of clips these are considered "900IQ" no hate. but I suggest not putting these types of clutch clips in your vids.

  6. I dislike that video because you said I can never ever find true love!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

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