So I made Minecraft in Minecraft…

So I made Minecraft in Minecraft. You heard that right, I made a the entirity of Minecraft playable in Minecraft. This is was crazy fun to record… NEW YOUTUBE …


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  1. btw i didn't even know what you looked like until now but like even through all the minecraft blocks you're really cute actually~

  2. Would be kinda cool if you did this again in like, 5-7 years just to see how realistic it would look in the future (since it's only plausible that more blocks would be added in, creating more variety for colors and shit)

  3. wow next generation vpn…

    5 ys later fbi lets lunch are hacking services in… minecraft

  4. We learned 2 important things in this video:

    *If you can imaginate it, you can create it, with big effort.

    *We all want a friend like Fundy.

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